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Sitting on a gold mine but don't have a shovel or pick?
You're not alone! Your website is probably like thousands of others out there that if only you could just talk to your customers, you'd get the sale! Even the most beautiful of websites can have difficulty getting the window-shoppers to come inside the store and buy something.

Major Lead Strategies' objective is to help client websites produce connections and generate money making opportunities. Getting client websites ranked high in the natural rankings of the major search engines is of utmost importance, as the cost to the client is far cheaper than having to use pay per click to draw customers. Also, to rank high naturally in search engines requires good content on the websites, and good content on your websites means visitors have plenty of information and reason to shop on your websites to begin with... and come back to!!

The first thing you'll notice about MLS' clients' websites is that they aren't bogged down with the latest cheap tricks, bells and whistles, or annoyances that actually drive customers away. Sure we can put them in, and charge extra for the "fluff", but is that really helping you? MLS built websites are created with only one thing in mind: Simplify. Make the visitors experience clean, concise, and uninterrupted. Why did they come to your site? It wasn't to see any cute, fancy flash animations. It wasn't to hear running waterfalls. It was to learn about your products. Period. So let's cut out the distractions and put your product on the table, front and center.

If you'd like to find out what kind of services Major Lead Strategies can provide for your business, email to contact one of our sales representatives today.

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